Lyrics to Let 'em Know
by Grade 8

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[edit]Song titleLet 'em Know
[edit]Artist nameGrade 8
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Spit shit right into my ear kid
I don't wanna hear this,
Look alive when I feel this.
Feels like 10 degrees and I wont stop freezing.
No keys, no clothes, no hands, no finger prints
No more self-conscience.
Smashed right in the glass
And so while we left you were seeing stars.
Now I cant just wait here, I'll catch you later
I feel us bleeding, I'll stain the stage red.
I'm like the devil I'll show you it all in the end,
When your time here is spent,
Hocus pocus pince and locus crowd
screaming to be set free.
Just to let you know,
We've frozen our bones.
We're here to let you know,
Just to show how we roll.
We hear to let you know,
Just to show how we roll.
We hear to let you know,
Drop, drop, everybody drop!
We're ripping holes in your living room floors
Grade 8 is just too hot to hold.
Now you all can't compete with it,
Cause' I'm the one that your
dreams have to sleep with.
Please nobody see it, cause'
Find more similar lyrics on're sick of all the lawyers and
Don't know why my life is the way it is,
Speaking these subliminal messages,
And then I'll make you all crazy kid
Or unless I already did.
When all I really want to do is live.
Everybody mosh! Everybody shocked!
That we've now dropped flat on our face,
Ever had a taste of something great?
Like a drug pumped straight through your veins.
I see it and I grab it, I wanna breake a habit,
I put it in my pocket, I got it.
Crowd screaming to be set free!
Just to let you know,
We've frozen our bones.
We're here to let you know,
Just to show how we roll.
We hear to let you know,
Just to show how we roll.
We hear to let you know,
Drop, drop, everybody drop!
We're kicking holes in your living room floors
Everybody knows...
Grade 8 is just too hot to hold.
Put your hands behind your head and
lie down on the ground!
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Lyrics to Let 'em Know
by Grade 8

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