Lyrics to $1000 Wedding
by Gram Parsons

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[edit]Song title$1000 Wedding
[edit]Artist nameGram Parsons
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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t'was a thousand dollar wedding
supposed to be held the other day
and with all the invitations sent the young bride went away
when the groom saw people passing notes not unusual, he might say
but where are the flowers for my baby
I'd even like to see her mean old mama
and why ain't there a funeral, if you're gonna act that way
I hate to tell you how he acted when the news arrived
he took some friends out drinking and it's lucky they survived
well, he told them everything there was to tell there along the way
and he felt so bad when he saw the traces
of old lies still on their faces
so why don't someone here just spike his drink
Find more similar lyrics on don't you do him in some old way
supposed to be a funeral, it's been a bad, bad day
the Reverend Dr. William Grace was talking to the crowd
all about the sweet child's holy face
and the saints who sung out loud
and he swore the fiercest beasts
could all be put to sleep the same silly way
and where are the flowers for the girl
she only knew she loved the world
and why ain't there one lonely horn and one sad note to play
supposed to be a funeral, it's been a bad, bad day
ooh, supposed to be a funeral, it's been a bad, bad day
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Lyrics to $1000 Wedding
by Gram Parsons

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