Lyrics to Salvation
by Grand Incredible

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[edit]Song titleSalvation
[edit]Artist nameGrand Incredible
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well I dont think you're being very honest with yourself
About your souls' condition or your spirtual health
But you dont think about it very often cause it makes you uneasy
You know that I love you and I love to see you smile
But we must discuss a matter serious a while
You may be offended but there's something I wish you could have

Salvation (Salvation), you are forgiven
Salvation (Salvation), you are forgiven
Salvation (Salvation), you are forgiven
Salvation (Salvation), you are forgiven

Find more similar lyrics on matter to me so much that I have to take a risk
Of having you get mad at me I'd hate for you to miss
The loving of Jesus and his voice that's calling you home to him
The first thing you have to come to term with it is this
You're dead in your transgressions and I'm sorry hell exists
But you dont have to go there if Jesus is taking your place

Salvation (Salvation), you are forgiven
Salvation (Salvation), you are forgiven
Salvation (Salvation), you are forgiven
Salvation (Salvation), you are forgiven
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Lyrics to Salvation
by Grand Incredible

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