Lyrics to Awakening of Paganism
by Grave Flowers

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[edit]Song titleAwakening of Paganism
[edit]Artist nameGrave Flowers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do you see the frozen nature?
Do you see the mirror on ice?
Yes I see...
I see the ravens in black sky...
When lakes feel the frost
When the snow falls on my soul
When the forest are in fire
I see the nature...
Oh, Khors, give me the strength
To kill the enemy inside of me
To destroy the lie of Jehova
To feel fire of war...
I see the burning man with horn -
He isn't man - he is God
God of sunlight, God of life & reality...
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I see him every morning
And he dies every night...
Khors will come to shine,
My soul will see the light,
light of fire, light of reality...
One day all forests shall be mine...
One day all people will die...
One day the nature of our
ancestors shall rebirth!
I will burn the flame, one day...
And SunGod, listen to me -
light your powerful flame, and please,
burn the heaven and Earth,
Oh, almighty Khors...
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Lyrics to Awakening of Paganism
by Grave Flowers

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