Lyrics to The Night the Earth Cried
by Gravediggaz

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[edit]Song titleThe Night the Earth Cried
[edit]Artist nameGravediggaz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I want a queen on every continent
So I can escape the government
Flee my residence, settle in
I'm militant minded, brilliant rhyme whiz

The time is now for me to shine, kids are innocent
Blinded, society got to be reminded of my diary
Because tragically I carry thee
Misery of centuries that's sent to me

Not coincidentally, intentionally
'Cause mentally I represent the key
But it's a double-edged sword
See tryin' to be godly is hard

Especially in poverty's backyard
Where violence has taken over
Free enterprise and lies is idolized
'Cause it's deep inside with Allah, God or Jehovah

To guide the lost tribe
You're forced to reside on the north side
Babylon is never penalized
For bein' offsides, so many lost lives

I wonder how long before the herd dies
Today I heard the earth cry for the first time
It was the worst time, it was the worst time
The way I heard the earth cry

I came to the shores of America disguised as a pillar
The alpha and omega and the home of the beggars, the black sellers
Who been beaten, raped, lynched, robbed and stoned
And caused to roam the earth in service
'Cause they couldn't maintain at home

This dates back to fifteen fifty five
When they captured the first tribe of men
And piled them in a pen fifty feet high
They took 'em all on a nine thousand mile ride

And landed on the shore of a place they never seen before
I read about this inside the ancient books of war
Bonded in stainless steel, stripped of their language
Still survived the anguish of slavery but still remained nameless

Separated to portions and tricked by John Haughty Hawkins
And sold on the auction, taught birth control and abortion
Rulers of the first part became slaves of the worst part
The devils cursed God and reversed God

And turned God into dog and made people search hard
No relief came to the prophet of W.D. Feraud
To a trauma, dropped our mommas off in Bahamas and Barbados
Tobago's, separated us from slave boats

Made our own brothers hate us from Virgin Isle to Jamaica
Trinidad, Honduras, Haiti, Grenada
Bermuda to Cayman, mental enslavement
You black Gods become awaken
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At night time you can hear the earth cry
How many more black Gods got to die
Before we realize there's no God in the sky
The devil tricked us, that's the worst lie

At night time I can hear the earth cry
How many more black Gods got to die
You realize there's no God in the sky
The devils tricked us, that's the worst lie

Peace God for real, not a spook nor a ghost
Not unseen but seen and heard most of all
I'm God, control nine planets
Wisdom revolves around me, understand it

Science, huh my rhyme's underrated
Pyramids built accordin' to how we made it to be
Many shall come few shall be chosen
Thirty two degrees below zero and you're frozen

Power of refinement my rhyme's assignment
Is to crush negative bullshit in a line with the fusion
'Cause that which is beyond three hundred sixty
Degrees is an illusion, either you're deaf, dumb or blind
Stupid hypocritical, dumb eighty five, yo it's time

See I without me don't exist
God cypher love divine is what I miss
Check it like a visual reflection, sorta supernatural
You know your mind detects as bein' natural

Ultra gamer, the hammer's my energy
Compressed to a form of a threat for my enemy
Cypher's a circle that consists of a whole
No beginning, no ends, no sides it's just a hole

Like in an event I'm a percent
Dealt out a hundred I'm five, my degree is a black belt
Real genuine not authentic
Older than the sun, moon and stars unprecedented

In North America success can be won as a game
And knowledge and understanding still one
And the same greatest reward known to mankind
That winners never quit and quitters never win in the mind

But in time my degrees are gettin' deeper
Thicker in the subconscious state of the sleeper

At night time I can hear the earth cry
Wonder how many black Gods got to die
At night time I can hear the earth cry
I wonder how many black Gods must die

At night time I can hear the earth cry
I wonder how many black Gods must die
At night time I can hear the earth cry
I hear her cry, peace to the earth, I cry
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Lyrics to The Night the Earth Cried
by Gravediggaz

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