Lyrics to Fed by the Beasts
by Graveland

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[edit]Song titleFed by the Beasts
[edit]Artist nameGraveland
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One day en eagle kidnapped him. When he
was only two years old. Eagle
him to infinite expanses And brought him to his nest.
Eagle's claws were very sharp. They wounded
his body hard. The blood was
running plentifully. Nobody could hear his screams and call!
An eagle had no children. So he was
bringing meat and feeding the
Why did Gods choose such a fate for him?
Why didn't eagle kill this
Winters and years passed away. An
eagle taught his son to kill
A wolf taught his daughter to hunt and beset the victim.
Nowadays their home villages are covered
by ashes and trees brought to
ground. All of their families passed
away. Because nobody wanted to
new belief. They fought and died in
fight till the last breath.
One day she retired from home. The herd
of wolves appeared on the
border. It happened in winter and when herd
Find more similar lyrics on a hunger. A wolf caught
and went into the woods.
Screams and cry didn't change anything.
Wolfish fangs wounded her
She couldn't do anything, she was too
little. She was only few years
A wolf had no children. So he was
bringing meat and feed her. Why did
choose such a fate for her? Why didn't
wolf kill her feeling hunger?
Today no christian can enter the
woods... Armoured knights going for
never come back. Blood permeates through
the earth fast. This winter
aren't hungry.
When my spirit was walking through the
forest. I met her and him. It was
very cold evening and the sun was
setting. They stood on the forest
The wind was blowing through their hair...
And night was falling down.
Lyrics by: Darken '96
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Lyrics to Fed by the Beasts
by Graveland

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