Lyrics to Nocturnal Hymns
by Graveworm

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[edit]Song titleNocturnal Hymns
[edit]Artist nameGraveworm
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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As creatures as warriors, once roaming the earth
The darkness embracing the landscape below
Centuries of dark shall crack open the sky
A dragon is waiting and watching the light

Ashes to ashes and dust will be dust
An evergreen land where the lord shall command
As I wait in rapture the sword in my hand
Faith in the keepers of our legends

The patron of right shall remain on his throne
Fighting the evil, destroying their souls
Shadows of creatures, as ravens will fly
Whispering voices, infernal decay

As evil damnation spreading it wings
Through winds of salvation, riding my faith
Fire on heaven as silence will break
Have faith in your warrior and I shall arise

Beyond the darkness - reflecting shadows
In trail of nightmare
I hear the nocturnal hymns of the death

Forever silence - dreaming winter
In trails of nightmare
I feel the nocturnal hymns in my face

A dragon is flying in nocturnal sky
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Fighting with fire, the blindness embrace
Reflections of deepest emotion I see
Awaiting the creature of eternal flame
Trough fire and cruelty I watching the sky

Feeling the anger of the burning souls
A kingdom in fear will remain behind
The dragon is rising on almighty side
With hate in my mind, I will fighting his life

Will fighting his life - his life

Blood on my sword, your rapture I feel
Desire of pain, the light shall remain
Suffering screaming, raping my breath
Summoning of terror, stained with blood
Wrapped in fear, visions of dread
Darkness remains, heaven and hell
Dragons surviving the fighting mankind
Ages of fear, remaining the same

Beyond the darkness - reflecting shadows
In trail of nightmare
I hear the nocturnal hymns of the death

Forever silence - dreaming winter
In trails of nightmare
I feel the nocturnal hymns of red blood
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Lyrics to Nocturnal Hymns
by Graveworm

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