Lyrics to Take it all Away
by Gravity Kills

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[edit]Song titleTake it all Away
[edit]Artist nameGravity Kills
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Give in
Open your eye's up to
What you think I'm feeling

Look through
You're pulling me down in
Where you've seen so many

Into your water blue
I feel my heart stop beating

My cross I made for you
My cancer won't stop eating

You wanted too much
from all of me
I wanted too much from all of you
I wanted too much from
everything I need

Won't you take it all away
I said, won't you
take it all away

I don't think you'll make it
Before the door is closing
Don't think that you believe in
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I don't think you'll make it
You hear my world exploding
I wanted all too much
From everything

Won't you take it all away
I said, won't you
take it all away

Give in
Open your eye's up to
What you think I'm feeling

Right above you
I fall down below you

I need way too much
From everything

Take it all away
Take it all away

Won't you take it all away
I said, won't you
take it all away
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Lyrics to Take it all Away
by Gravity Kills

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