Lyrics to Hold on
by Great White

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[edit]Song titleHold on
[edit]Artist nameGreat White
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Kendall, Russell, Holland, Black)

Staring out my window
See their faces, they can't hide.
Strangers from a daydream
Running rabid, pass me by.

I'm just one man
Caught in a world's confusion
Look for a way out
Can't find no "easy
But I'll try... to make
it all that I need
Don't say die
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Gotta hold on one more
Gotta hold on
Gotta hold on one more
One more day

Been around. I've seen it all
Heard all the lies
Sure I've had my blue days
But got no time to cry

The makers and takers
that never give back
They got me running,
they're dogs on my tracks
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Lyrics to Hold on
by Great White

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