Lyrics to God Bless the World
by Greg Jones

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[edit]Song titleGod Bless the World
[edit]Artist nameGreg Jones
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
[edit]Brief notesMessage from Greg: GOD BLESS THE WORLD While You Bless America Please learn the words to this Anthem for Worldwide Peace ...Copy them ...pass them out ...sing them ...learn them ...LIVE THEM!!
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I turn on the news and see troubles, what's all this fighting for,
why can't we try living together, and have
a world where everybody wins,
nobody suffers, each soul on earth should be cherished,
no more or less in God's eyes, my brothers, my sisters,
I know if we try, we can live together, under God's sky.

God bless the world, not just America,
God bless the whole wide world so our kids can live in harmony
(God bless the world)

Look into the hearts of the children,
you can see the future in their eyes,
it's up to us to reassure them,
that the world will be a brighter place when we realize,
Peace is the answer, the solution,
I pray someday that we'll see, then no more war, no fighting,
Find more similar lyrics on killing, no hate, it's got to change,
and it starts with you and me, I'm praying.

God bless the world, not just America,
God bless the whole wide world, so we can live in Peace,
God bless the world, while you bless America,
no more hatred, war or greed, so our kids can live in harmony
...(Harmony - God bless the world) for the children (kids)
God bless us, God bless us, Every man, woman, boy or girl,
everybody all across the world..God bless us, God bless us,
together we can change the land, we've got
the whole world in our hands.

kids Look into our eyes, can't you hear our cries,
for Peace in the world, under God's sky repeat
...everybody all across the world slow fade
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[edit]More brief notes
  • Copyright 2004
  • Consent given to display lyrics on
  • All music/lyrics by GREG JONES
  • BMI
  • Orville Records
  • 216/531-7676
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Lyrics to God Bless the World
by Greg Jones

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