Lyrics to Good Times
by Greg Macpherson

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[edit]Song titleGood Times
[edit]Artist nameGreg Macpherson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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good times coming back again
I seen them touch down on the runway
I seen that old face staring back,
pressed against the glass
I heard a brass band wailing

middleman got caught out of his skin
it's on a bus across the boarder
he's got legs spread, head cracked,
his hands against the wall
he says, '"I'm just a fucking reporter!!"

good times coming back again

I heard the girl upstairs singing
she sang all night
I turned the stereo on
I went out for the evening
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good times coming back
I seen them
on the shoulder with their hood up
through a vaselined lens
they got their bags packed tight
the key to every city
I heard they're bringing all of their friends

there's something dead out in the
field behind our house
the wind's changing direction
I seen the local man dressing up in the latest style
he says,"It's only natural selection..."

good times coming back again
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Lyrics to Good Times
by Greg Macpherson

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