Lyrics to For me
by Gretchen

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[edit]Song titleFor me
[edit]Artist nameGretchen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(verse 1)
When you think about your life
and all that you've been through
Did the tears and the sweat
ever really pay the dues
for you labor, your labor
to justify your own
in a life you could not savor
'cause you towed the weight alone

(verse 2)
Hope is fading
I can see it in your eyes
'cause you never found the answer to
the questions deep inside
so you hunger, you hunger
for the taste of something new
just to quench your desperation
for the peace you never knew

(pre-chorus) (not sang first time)

Find more similar lyrics on I know it's hard,
cause I've tried
Not to fail, just to get it right
But the bearer, of it all
He was the Lamb, that took the fall
For me

(verse 3)
When you think about your life
and all that you've been through
Did the tears and the sweat
ever really pay the dues
for your labor, your anger
to try to justify your own
In a life you can not savor
'cause you towed the weight alone

you say you want it
you say you wanted too

(chorus) (chorus)
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Lyrics to For me
by Gretchen

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