Lyrics to Time is Passing
by Grits

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[edit]Song titleTime is Passing
[edit]Artist nameGrits
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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El tiempo esta passando
El tiempo esta
(Is it all yours, time is passing away, time is passing away)

My chronological line
Was designed by the divine
At times my minds vision
Was found to be blind

Sometimes I felt like
I lived life with eyes sown up
Nothing but sounds and voices
Surrounding me within

The blackness walking cautiously
Only God guiding me
Abiding in me
Independently I fail myself

Images of my history
Is haunting at times
Taunting at times
Confronted most times

How is spent mines
Tempted frequently to feed the need
Of past relations found struggling
Attaining more scars through inner battling

Wondering will I make it
Plundered through ways to shake it
Remembering what was written
My only method to break it

Being locked in this life
Connected to Christ
His will and my destiny
My reason and purpose for birth in life

For a minute was contended
With whatever was presented
If it's sin I was in it
In the flesh represented

Supressing truth in which was hid
In my spirit ignoring guidance
Rebelling against His voice
With choices in pure defiance

Then I asked myself
Find more similar lyrics on it designed to be mine
If so I found I wasted
The blessing of precious time

El tiempo esta passando
El tiempo esta
(Is it all yours, time is passing away, time is passing away)

Perpetrated me a serious fraud
So don't applaud feeling sawed
In two part of me
Scattered all about

With the other half appearing
And domineering my steering
Mentality of bang banger
To topple my dopple ganger

With excessive force no doubting
While re routing course bouting
What might endorse waters of hell
Just to prevail, "Don't fail"

The voice saying magically what tragedy entail
The terror won't take my will ro conquer error
When the time has passed and gone
The ending will be, "Me at home"

I brought it to you plainly
(Just like that)
Don't let it pass you by
(Just like that)
Time is ticking away
(Just like that)
Uh-huh uh-huh
(Just like that)

El tiempo esta passando
El tiempo esta
(Is it all yours, time is passing away, time is passing away)

What's my passion
I love to see people hashing
Through all life's problems
Whatever it has to offer situations come

Do you face it, do you run
Look it right between the eyes
Succumb and be hypnotized
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Lyrics to Time is Passing
by Grits

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