Lyrics to Suntoucher
by Groove Armada

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[edit]Song titleSuntoucher
[edit]Artist nameGroove Armada
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Urban organic, mic mechanic
Super human MC powers help me fly around the planet
Touch the Microphone device, whole countries get flattened
Saving damsels in distress so young girls don't panic

Putting MCs under pressure till they crack like ceramic
Always thought they could flow but sink like the Titanic
Rhymes rip through your skull like icebergs through the hull
Survive the impact, and arctic cold freezes your soul

Create a new style, then break the mold
Compositions are controlled, and liable to explode
Like land mines, my crew blows through like wind chimes
Make it hot like fire, 200 proof like Moonshine

Risky, playing yourself is risky, and the flows mad jazzy
Like dizzy Gillespe and the sound be harmonious and deadly
Like a harpy call either break one like Wayne Gretzky
No man can test me, so why try?, focus like a samurai
Stronger than a maitai or a tsunama I mean tsunami
I rock it from MTV, to the BBC

Radioactive waves short out your TV
LESB check it for me in the next galaxy
Put it in a time capsule till the next century
In a black out use it for electricity
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Danger, high voltage don't feed me their daily dosage
I break it down mathematically, 99.9 is a percentage
Like closing fine wine the rhymes are vintage
And the universal will gives me strength like spinach

With dinage, I eat it like a Tofu sandwich
With cabbage, I ask your girl, she knows that
I'm not the average nigga who plays to pull the trigga'
Reality's the root of the rhymes that I configure

Phony Baloney, swear like Don Corleone
But when shit hit the fan they start crying like pretty Tony
Tender like Roni but wish to be bad like Bobby
Been there, done that, smashed up talkin' rhymes is my hobby

You're probably, like, what's he on
'Cause I rock it from the start, till the beat is gone
Not in the mafia but I'm the Microphone Don
And the words that I shoot out my mouth are Teflon

Jeru never touch ya, Microphone wrecka'
Meet out in the stretcha' step up in my center
Try to match wits but the mentor will crush you
Jeru the Damager, the suntoucher please

Yeah this is it right here on, always down
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Lyrics to Suntoucher
by Groove Armada

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