Lyrics to Giant
by Gucci Mane

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[edit]Song titleGiant
[edit]Artist nameGucci Mane
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My inside ostrich, outside candy,
It's seven days of the week, seven different bentleys
I'm sittin on ourvis, six plus twenty,
I'm looking very pretty in my S550
My 80 carat chain got me something like fifty
This multicarat chain got me looking p. diddy
It's Young Gucciracci, come and smoke ten wit me,
And imma X ya off, cuz ya know I got plenty
That Larry Byrd yay for the kyshaun tickets,
them outta town boys get diyon wit it
I'm sittin so high that I'm looking at pigeons,
and its a car show everytime I hit Visioin
I'm standin on sixes, should I say set?
I'm sqautting on rims, but should I say limpin'?
454 thats a real big engine, how much I spent on it?
nigga that ain't yo business
Humongous, enourmous, Gucci ridin' jurassic
26 inches beatin' hard in traffic
Windows tinted, bubble kush we pass dat
All my bitches keep thrax we match dat

I'm a giant
Ya see how I'm ridin'
I'm 26's glidin', let 'em know that I'm a giant
I'm a giant
I'm on a giant high
I'm ridin' giant fly
I'm 26's in the damn sky
I'm a giant
Ya see that I'm a giant
I'm 26's glidin' let 'em know that I'm a giant
I'm a giant
I'm on a giant high
I'm riding giant fly
Find more similar lyrics on'm 26's in the damn sky
I'm a giant

I'm going to my oldschool
From bumper to bumper fool
Dropped a hundred stacks now it cost more than pickin' hummers do
Just like diamonds my cars are so colorful
Rims pimped out what the fuck I need Xzibit for?
Change lanes then change hues, from light green to donk blue
Yeah the paint chameleon so they swagger and they change too
Shine harder, grind harder, Air Ones look like tap water
Chrome wheels look like silver quarters and my see-through top like bathwater (damn)
26 inches and the rims look like pickle juice
26 inches sittin' on the skirt tails y'all, look, really not difficult
Jumped in the hot tob, shawty off the bentley coupe
Inside look like blood and the guts like tomato soup


Yeah, I'm Gucci Mane La'Flare, Call me Delta Airlines 'cause I'm sittin' in the air
Like I'm standing on a chair, the rapper of the year got 'em ridin' in my leer here
With diamonds in my ear, and plus I smoke that purp, so check my footwork
Sixes on the skirt, I already done mounted it
Million dollars worth of notes already done counted it
Man that fuckin' paint job Gucci good Lord
Swerve on 'em shawty, work it work it real hard
When shawty rolled up he was sittin' on some deuces
Gucci rides sixes offset snoopy
Then a nigga throw up money like Huey
6,000 pounds of purp coming in tuesday
Dammit man I'm shinin' I always get loaded
He asked me for a brick like I got the shit on me

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Lyrics to Giant
by Gucci Mane

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