Lyrics to Closer to the Sun
by Guy Sebastian

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[edit]Song titleCloser to the Sun
[edit]Artist nameGuy Sebastian
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Excuse me friend
Can you tell me when
Did I sign up for this race
there's not an end
And no one wins
Yet you fight to keep the pace
Maybe I'll find a home in the heavens
Hitch a ride on a shooting star

Leave this place for outer space
We can rent a little house on Venus
And get closer to the sun

There's always light
There is no night
We can watch the earth revolve
there's only friends
And innocence, there's no
conflicts to resolve

Leave behind everything
Find more similar lyrics on think matters
don't delay once you're
there you will see


Where it's warm
Everyday, know one else can reach us
We'll get closer to the sun

Welcome aboard, get comfortable
This maiden's journey's just begun
Just close your eyes
Enjoy the ride
We're getting closer to the sun


Excuse me friend
Can you tell me when
Did I sign up for this race
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Lyrics to Closer to the Sun
by Guy Sebastian

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