Lyrics to Stars Collide
by Guy Sebastian

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[edit]Song titleStars Collide
[edit]Artist nameGuy Sebastian
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A million words a million souls
Im stil trying to find my own
I didnt look but i found you
Throught the fog throught the haze
I lost sight of your face
Now im dreaming of the next time

When our stars collide
Im gonna hang myself out
Till i dry
Im putting it on the line
When our stars collide
Gonna make myself heard
Eat my pride
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When our stars collide
I know they will collide

Burning out in the night
When i saw your satillite
Going round to remind me
I found a moon and made it ours
Then we lost it in a cloud
But we'll find another next time

I will keep gazing til you find my sky
Then i wont let you go
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Lyrics to Stars Collide
by Guy Sebastian

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