Lyrics to Americanized
by Gwar

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[edit]Song titleAmericanized
[edit]Artist nameGwar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm Americanized. 9 (nine) tons o'
crack a day. It's up my butt, the USA
All you people will worship us--
You worship me, but still you suck...
U.S.A.--I'm Americanized
U.S.A.--(I'm the Prince of Lies)
I'm Americanized. Death to all
who wear paisley, plucking babies'
Find more similar lyrics on like daisies. Your world is
filled with hate and filth. I'll
rape your dog with a plow...
Drugs unt guns, drugs and
guns. C'mon man, let's go kill
someone. Cheap fuckers, sheep fuckers,
You're all cheap fuckers...
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Lyrics to Americanized
by Gwar

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