Lyrics to Cage
by H

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[edit]Song titleCage
[edit]Artist nameH
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Nothing fell into the cage today
That's fastened to my door
I put the cage upon the door in case
You send your private thoughts to me
I know I have no right to be
The one to whom you might
I know I have no right
The little black brushes
keep out the cold
And the inquiring eyes
Nothing slid it's way between them
My fantasies are painful now
Unnatural .. or so I'm told
I know I have no right to be
forgiven for the tears
I'm getting through the day somehow
What will I do about the years
And I say...
Someone else can do that, darlin'
You don't need them animals
Find more similar lyrics on me something please
I'm starving
Do not feed the animals
Someone else can do that, angel
You don't need them animals
I won't bite you if you try to
Reach into the cage
The phone rang eleven times today
None of them was you
I was exhausted by the end of the day
I know I have no right to be
The one to whom you might
So many animals in the zoo
Doo bee doo.....
You don't need them animals
I won't bite you if you try to
Reach into the cage
Nothing fell into the cage today
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Lyrics to Cage
by H

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