Lyrics to Ladies Choice
by Hairspray & Zac Efron

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[edit]Song titleLadies Choice
[edit]Artist nameHairspray
[edit]FeaturingZac Efron
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hey little girl with the cash to burn
Well I'm selling something you won't return
Hey little girl take me off the shelf
'Cause it's hard having fun playing with yourself
Once you browse through the whole selection
Shake those hips in my direction
Bringing it back if she never did see
Take me home and then unwrap me
Shop around with every dollar
I've got to be
The Ladies Choice
Ladies choice
The Ladies Choice

Hey little girl looking for a sale
Test drive this American male
It's going to take cash to fill my tank
So let's crack open your piggy bank
Hey little girl you're window shopping
I got something that's traffic stopping

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I don't come cheap but the kisses come free
On closer inspection I'm sure that you'll agree
I'm the Ladies Choice
The Ladies Choice
The Ladies Choice

Hey little girl on a spending spree
I don't come cheap but the kisses come free
On closer inspection I'm sure that you'll agree

Oh, hey little girl listen to my plea
I come with a lifetime guarantee
One day maybe we'll find that baby makes three
It's the Ladies Choice
I'm the Ladies Choice
The Ladies Choice
I'm the Ladies Choice, Choice, Choice
I'm the Ladies Choice
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Lyrics to Ladies Choice
by Hairspray & Zac Efron

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