Lyrics to Rose in December
by Halestorm

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[edit]Song titleRose in December
[edit]Artist nameHalestorm
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've taken all this time
Standing in the snow
And I'm so afraid of what could fall from my lips
Afraid of what I know
But still I carry on
Following my heart
Things could let me down, and I could be betrayed
love never

Let me be your Rose In December
And I'll be standing here, until spring comes and the snow melts away
Let me be your Rose In December
I'll stand here forever, loving you, as a rose in December

Cool, autumn days
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They told me to forget, and to spare myself the storm
But, I knew you were worth the wait
And as the snow fell
Landing on my heart
Burying my emotion, but still I stand here frozen
Because I know I love you, oh, I love

Let me be your Rose In December
And I'll be standing here, until spring comes and the snow melts away
Let me be your Rose In December
I'll stand here forever, loving you, as a rose in December

As a Rose.....

As a rose in December.
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Lyrics to Rose in December
by Halestorm

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