Lyrics to For you
by Hall & Oates

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[edit]Song titleFor you
[edit]Artist nameHall & Oates
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Soothe me baby
Squeeze tite
Hold the moment
Fall thru the nite
Itch for pleasure
I scratch
Love's a treasure
I want to give back
I wanna give you
All that I've got
Attention's essential
Analysis not
It's not what you say girl
It's what you mean
So whisper with me
Share dreams
If you stop I'll
remember so much
No one can steal
what's real from
my touch
what more can I say
There ain't
nothing gonna get
in the way
For You
Oh baby baby
Find more similar lyrics on've been waiting
waiting waiting
Before you I was given a lie
You opened up my life
Will I ever be
the same again
Will I ever talk
this way again
For You For You all the time
I know it's so right
I'm sending you a sign
Girl are you getting
what you expect
Blindly trying
Cry to connect
Needing affection
Ships in the nite
Making a statement
If it's wrong or it's right
Think for a while
Person to person
Mile after mile
There's something you missed
Here it is here it is
I just can't resist
Can't resist you
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Lyrics to For you
by Hall & Oates

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