Lyrics to Lost and Found
by Handle With Care

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[edit]Song titleLost and Found
[edit]Artist nameHandle With Care
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The more I look,
The more I she seems to look away,
And I ant help that I’m hooked,
And I’m falling further day by day

The more I talk,
The further she stands away from me,
The closer I walk,
There’s always somewhere she’s got to be

I swear I try so hard,
But you just won’t come around
So just for now…
Ill leave my heart in lost and found

The more I open up to you,
The more the distance between us grows,
And I'm running out of things to do,
So my desperations begun to show

The more that I love you,
The less I think that your liking me,
And all the little things I do,
Aren’t even helping you to see
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I swear I try so hard,
But you just won’t come around
So just for now…
Ill leave my heart in lost and found

There’s a 1 in a million chance
that I could end up with you,
I’ve got my fingers crossed that
I’m one I pray it’ll come true

The more that I sing,
The less you want to hear my voice,
But you’re my everything,
And sadly I have to make a choice

Do I go back to how things used to be,
Good friends close friends
that out to make you happy,
Or do I persist and keep on
praying that you’ll come around,
For the moment ill leave
my heart in lost and found
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Lyrics to Lost and Found
by Handle With Care

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