Lyrics to Imagination Running Wild
by Hank Locklin

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[edit]Song titleImagination Running Wild
[edit]Artist nameHank Locklin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Just like all the other times as we entered Across
the white dance floor then to the bar I thought I
saw him smile in your direction or was my
imagination running wild With ten minutes he had
asked you for a dance love And oh too soon you
said you'd like it fine I thought you danced too
close to be strangers or was my imagination out of
line As the night grew old the wine had made you
Find more similar lyrics on It seemed to me that he was just your
style I said let's go home before there's some
heartache You said your imagination's running wild
My mind was filled with cruel and painful visions
But afraid I might be wrong I tried to smile Then
you left with him and all my fears were happ'ning
And my poor imagination just ran wild yes my poor
imagination just ran wild
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Lyrics to Imagination Running Wild
by Hank Locklin

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