Lyrics to Blue for old Hawaii
by Hank Snow

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[edit]Song titleBlue for old Hawaii
[edit]Artist nameHank Snow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tonight I'm blue for old Hawaii my weary soul is
lonesome too You left me blue and broken hearted
I've got them old Hawaii blues (Your big blue eyes
and dark brown curls dear made skies of grey turn
into blue But now you've gone and lost forever
I've got them old Hawaii blues) guitar
Find more similar lyrics on left me down where drowsy waters roll on the
shores of paradise You've had your way dear and we
have parted for you old pal I dream tonight
Perhaps some day your mind will wander back to the
one who loves you true And I will still for you be
waiting I've got them old Hawaii blues
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Lyrics to Blue for old Hawaii
by Hank Snow

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