Lyrics to Bluebird Island
by Hank Snow & Anita Carter

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[edit]Song titleBluebird Island
[edit]Artist nameHank Snow
[edit]FeaturingAnita Carter
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My ship set sail to Bluebird Island
And slowly drifted out to sea
Her silver sails to cross the ocean
My lover's lonely heart set free

Then out across the waves the bluebirds came one day
Out over the silver sea, your message brought to me
To sail my ship of love along the moonlit bay
And anchor in the harbor of your heart

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Soon dried her lonely tears away
The treasure eye found broken hearted
Was locked within my heart to stay

The Trade Winds there on Bluebird Island
Soon dried her lonely tears away
The treasure eye found broken hearted
Was locked within my heart to stay
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Lyrics to Bluebird Island
by Hank Snow & Anita Carter

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