Lyrics to Gambling Polka dot Blues
by Hank Snow

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[edit]Song titleGambling Polka dot Blues
[edit]Artist nameHank Snow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I thought I was a gambler broke every shark in
town Until I met a rounder who called all I put
down We laid the cards on the table he drew an Ace
high hand He bet his watch and I called it and
lost my money like a man

I've got them polka dot blues oh them polka dot
blues Lost my hat and my coat and my straight lace
shoes Sold my watch and went back to lose The mean
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Now my gal had plenty so I got Twenty then went
back and sat down I got a Four but I thought it
was more as we dealt the cards around I set the
deck on the table and bet him all I could stand I
turned over a measly Four he had another Ace-high
hand I've got them polka dot blues... Yes the mean
old gambling polka dot blues
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Lyrics to Gambling Polka dot Blues
by Hank Snow

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