Lyrics to Rose of the rio
by Hank Snow

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[edit]Song titleRose of the rio
[edit]Artist nameHank Snow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Written and Recorded by Hank Snow

I found the sunshine and I found the blue
I found the pale moon above
As from a garden of roses so fair
I picked a blossom of love.

Rose of the Rio, Sweetheart of mine
You came from Heaven to me,
I'll always love you, I'll always care,
You're just as sweet as you can be,
Find more similar lyrics on when ev'ry flower has faded and died
And stars twinkle bright in the blue,
You'll still be blooming sweet as today,
Rose of the Rio I love you.

I searched the rainbow and I searched the stars
Waiting and watching for you
Now that I found you I'll never let you go
So promise you'll always be true.

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Lyrics to Rose of the rio
by Hank Snow

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