Lyrics to The Blind Boy's dog
by Hank Snow

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[edit]Song titleThe Blind Boy's dog
[edit]Artist nameHank Snow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Recorded by Hank Snow

I gave my dog to Uncle Sam in 1943,
He sailed across the sea, and died for Liberty,
Now that you are sending Hero's home, I just can't understand,
Why don't you send my dog home Uncle Sam?

And 'though no more he'll lead me as he did in days of yore,
He'll never be a blind boy's pal no more,
But I know that he gets lonesome sleeping in some distant land,
Please won't you send my dog home Uncle Sam?
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I gave my dog to Uncle Sam, he was so strong and smart,
We knew right from the start that we should do our part,
They wrote he died a hero, t'was in the telegram,
Please won't you send my dog home Uncle Sam.

He'll sleep beneath Old Glory, right here on Daddy's farm,
I'll be close by to keep him from all harm,
No one knows how much' miss him & how lonesome now I am,
Please won't you send my dog home Uncle Sam?
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Lyrics to The Blind Boy's dog
by Hank Snow

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