Lyrics to Lord Knows i'm Drinking
by Hank Thompson

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[edit]Song titleLord Knows i'm Drinking
[edit]Artist nameHank Thompson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Bill Anderson)
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Hello Mrs Johnson you self righteous woman
Sunday School teacher what brings you out slummin'
Do you reckon the preacher would approve where you are
Standing here visitin' with a back slidin'
Christian in a neighborhood bar
Well yes that's my bottle and yes that's my glass
And I see you're eye ballin' this pretty young lass
Find more similar lyrics on ain't none of your business but yes she's with me
And we don't need no sermon you self righteous woman just let us be
The Lord knows I'm drinking and running around
And he don't need your loud mouth informing the town
The Lord knows I'm sinning and sinning ain't right
But me and the good Lord gonna have us a good talk later tonight
Goodbye Mrs. Johnson you self righteous biddy
I don't need your preachin' and I don't need your pity
So go back to whatever you hypocrites do
And when I talk to heaven be nice and I'll put in a good word for you
The Lord knows I'm drinking...
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Lyrics to Lord Knows i'm Drinking
by Hank Thompson

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