Lyrics to Trashville
by Hank Williams III

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[edit]Song titleTrashville
[edit]Artist nameHank Williams III
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now playin' country music
It ain't like it used to be
I'm so tired of this new stuff
They're tryin' to get me to sing

That ain't no country music to me
Well, you can only take so much
Of putting people down when you got the best
That's tryin' to beat your back doors down

Well, I used to think that country
Was out of Nashville, Tennessee
But all I see in Nashville
Is a bunch of backstabbers takin' you and me

They don't care about the music ya see
Well, I used to think that country
Find more similar lyrics on out of Nashville, Tennessee
I'd rather take my things and go back to Texas ya see

Now, I would pack up and I'd leave this dirty town
But they've done taken me for so much
That I can't get out now
Maybe one day but not right now

Well, I used to think that country
Was out of Nashville, Tennessee
I don't think that country's here
'Cause they killed it ya see

Well, I used to think that country
Was out of Nashville, Tennessee
I'd rather take my things and
Go back to Texas ya see
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Lyrics to Trashville
by Hank Williams III

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