Lyrics to He Needs Me
by Hannah Montana

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[edit]Song titleHe Needs Me
[edit]Artist nameHannah Montana
[edit]Lyrics languageMalay
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Da da da

Hey you, over there
Oh, lovely and cute
But you need me bad
Yeah, oh come over here

He needs me
He really, really does
He needs me
He does, he does

He needs me by his side
To whip his own cries
He needs me
He does need me

Do do do

Here's the plan
I'll take your hand and you'll take mine
Boy, you don't even know my name
And it's time to say it, woh
Hey you wont you come back, yeah, yeah
'Cause I'm addicted to you

He needs me
He really really does
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He does he does

He needs me by his side
To whip his own cries
He needs me
He does need me

Hey, I've been looking for you
I been shouting out your name
Heres my number 247365101254
Yeah oh, that's the wrong number
I gave you a never existing number
Can't you tell, oh

He needs me
He really really does
He needs me
He does he does

He needs me by his side
To whip his own cries
He does need me

Y'all it's hard but just try
Get them, please, Lord
Help these girls out there
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Lyrics to He Needs Me
by Hannah Montana

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