Lyrics to Rhythm from a red car
by Hardline

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[edit]Song titleRhythm from a red car
[edit]Artist nameHardline
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hit like lightning
And my head started spinning around
Caught in the shuffle
On the corner of lost and found
Well the way that she drove by me
Didn't need to say a word
Well her lips did all the talking
And not a sound was ever heard

Brake baby, won't you tell me
what's on your mind
She threw me rhythm from a red car
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Here we go baby
Takin' a turn for the better
I'll work your curves girl
Let the road run on forever
Now you're looking good in my mirror
Then you blind me with your lights
Well you're driving me crazy
On this road to paradise

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Lyrics to Rhythm from a red car
by Hardline

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