Lyrics to Y
by Hardline

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[edit]Song titleY
[edit]Artist nameHardline
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Feel the wonder, in the palm of my hand
Maybe all that I know
Hear the laughter, of truth as it tries
Maybe all that I show
Reaching out to sympathize the simple words
The shadowed lies are walking in
my way happens every day
A fevered tone of much surprise
taken back I realize
That all I ever needed was you

Tell me Y can't it just be
What's this Y that's burning in me
Tell me Y can't I believe
That this Y is just you and me

Feel the wonder walking my way
Maybe all that I know
Find more similar lyrics on paint a picture of you in my life
And you're all that I know

Reaching out to compromise those simple words
That seem to hide and never shows the
face and bitter to the taste
A fevered tone of harmonize
taken back I realize that all
I ever needed
All I ever needed...


All I ever need all I need
The view in my eyes I'd fly
away and never let you go
You on my mind I can face the fate
The fate I hoped I'd find... in you
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Lyrics to Y
by Hardline

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