Lyrics to I Don't Mind
by Harlan Howard

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[edit]Song titleI Don't Mind
[edit]Artist nameHarlan Howard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It used to break my heart each time you cheated I
tried to leave the Lord knows how I tried But I
stay here no matter how I'm treated and all it
really cost me was my pride But I don't mind I
don't mind I did for a time but I don't mind You
and I have a perfect understanding you come and
you go just as you please And I never get too
angry or demanding it's hard to get mad on your
Find more similar lyrics on But I don't mind baby I don't mind I did for
a time but I don't mind dobro
Once I was strong as the mountain I stood tall
like a giant oak tree Now my blood runs thin like
water from a fountain you've taken all the man out
of me But I don't mind baby I don't mind I did for
a time but I don't mind I don't mind baby I don't
mind I did for a time but I don't mind
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Lyrics to I Don't Mind
by Harlan Howard

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