Lyrics to Wrong Company
by Harlan Howard

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[edit]Song titleWrong Company
[edit]Artist nameHarlan Howard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Writer Harlan Howard

I've lost the only love I've ever known
Too many nights I left her all alone
I said forgive me, one too many times
And now her parting words ___ my mind
You're with the Wrong Company they'll drag you down
Find more similar lyrics on're spending too much time on the wrong side of town
Now it's your life to live, but it's my heart to give
And if you still want me, give up that wrong company
She warned me but I've wasted my last chance
And now she's gone without a backward glance
Oh how I miss the love I threw away
Every song on that jukebox seems to say
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Lyrics to Wrong Company
by Harlan Howard

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