Lyrics to We Were Three
by Harry Chapin

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[edit]Song titleWe Were Three
[edit]Artist nameHarry Chapin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The old lady on the park bench
In the park with just one tree
Was there from the very first day
That you were part of me

It seemed like she'd been sitting there
Since 1000 B.C.
And you said, "She is as permanent
As anything can be"

From that first day
We were three
The old lady and you and me

You sat there in the window
You were looking 'cross the street
You said, "The birds and the old lady
Yet the same bread crumbs they eat"

I could not get you back to bed
'Till you took them both a treat
And I learned that you were twice as stubborn
As you could be sweet

From that first day
We were three
The old lady and you and me

Do you remember that summer rain storm
On the day that you moved in?
I was caught in the excitement
Of what was to begin

Well, you disappeared for a little while
And when I asked you where you'd been
You said you'd lent the old lady my new umbrella
Then you gave me that wicked grin

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We were three
The old lady and you and me

Yes, on March 21st the first day of Spring
The old lady would be there
Spend all the days of summer
Then she'd disappear somewhere

Where she spent her falls and her winters, babe
No one was aware
But you were the first to wonder
Yeah, you were the first to care

It was three years we were together
The old lady held that spot
Through the nights when life was wonderful
Through the days when it was not

And the times we were in trouble
In a way we sometimes got
Just knowing that she was out there
Meant we gave it just one more shot

From that first day
We were three
The old lady and you and me

Well, it's March 21st the first day of Spring
And you know what I had to do
I got up and I ran to the window
To confirm what I already knew

I wish I had your address to send this letter to
You see the old lady's not on the park bench
And I'm still wondering where are you?
Where are you, where are you?
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Lyrics to We Were Three
by Harry Chapin

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