Lyrics to 430 A.M. Hikes
by Hash

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[edit]Song title430 A.M. Hikes
[edit]Artist nameHash
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mr. Jeffries, hey what do you say?
Were you thinking about going out to play?
Can you remember all that time ago when we
were young and we would go away?
Could I say no get up and seize the holiday?
So what you're standing there for?
4:30 a.m. hikes are fine
As long as you got the time
Miss Eliza, what do you say?
I wanna go out and play
Find more similar lyrics on on your shoes, your dress and we will go away
Don't care a darn what they had said,
it's over now it's too far late
The dawn is coming and I'm wasted
So what you're standing there for?
So won't you come with me, we'll go down the road
And go back from whence we came
I'll sing for you, if you play me once again
What you standing there for?
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Lyrics to 430 A.M. Hikes
by Hash

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