Lyrics to Lord is Avenger
by Hate

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[edit]Song titleLord is Avenger
[edit]Artist nameHate
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Victims cry, thier godlly scream
will not restrain the death
Faceless head of disfigured souls,
It is high time they took thier last breath
Primal maze of suffering,
Now they know the way Hate works
No regrets, this world of shit
it is a faith that they deserved

Transfiguration of souls
Merging into the dark ancient force
Blood is the thing he demands
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Grasp your chance of resurection
Turn your mind to the dark direction
Join the war without hesitation
Show your all determination

Christians sign, the holy cross we turn it upside down
Sacrilege, we want to destroy the reign we dispise
Confinement of the holy man-we will bring them to heel
Our drive is to enter the hell and
feel what daemons feel
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Lyrics to Lord is Avenger
by Hate

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