Lyrics to World has to die
by Hate

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[edit]Song titleWorld has to die
[edit]Artist nameHate
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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World is gonna die, dead crowd, blood spilled all around
Sparking gore is everywhere, legion reigns over the universe
Red burning clouds, all men are crucified
Sharp pain terrifying scream of dying lives

DENY! Holy virgin she is broken by sin
DENY! Holy virgin she is dead from the evil figure
DIE! Crucified for the many in one
DIE! Crucified for ther lord of burning world

The slaughter fulfills his longing for the blood
Parody of judgement is his game

Forest of the impaledreflects in daemons' glare
Find more similar lyrics on slashing rainit will not wash the blame
The fallen angels horde is lead by the evil sword
Voice of the dead, dispair of half-living men

The slaughter fulfills his longing for the blood
This is the ultimate fallen angels fly - WORLD HAS TO DIE!

You're melting flesh in the fire of hell
Lord legion rules in heaven

Melting flesh in the fire of hell is the rest of human race
Legion rules in heaven, your hope lays down in burning graves
Sacrifice was made, the ultimate war destroyed the world
Savage horde - the army of the evil crusade delights the lord
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Lyrics to World has to die
by Hate

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