Lyrics to Beholder of Justice
by Hatebreed

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[edit]Song titleBeholder of Justice
[edit]Artist nameHatebreed
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In this very moment, agony exists
Unbeknownst to an unforgiving force
Some pray, some beg, without consolation
The pure lie beneath us while the scum walk the earth

Why can't we heal them? Why can't we see them?
Can we keep hoping, no one knows for sure
Blamelessly renouncing, guilt has no bearing
I must believe that there is a better way

Beholder of justice, who have you abandoned?
Beholder of justice, why have you forgotten us?

Why have you forgotten us? Why?
Why must the innocent die?

If I could reverse this I swear I would
Find more similar lyrics on would take the pain away, I swear to you
Broken souls and misery it seems we're too far gone
Now we can only ask and wish for our complete redemption

Beholder of justice, who have you abandoned?
Beholder of justice, why have you forgotten us?

Why does such innocence suffer while the evil prospers?
Why beholder of justice? Why have you forgotten us?

What can I say about your judgment?
What can I say about your judgment?
What can I say about your judgment?

Beholder of justice, who have you abandoned?
Beholder of justice, why have you forgotten us?
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Lyrics to Beholder of Justice
by Hatebreed

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