Lyrics to Analysis
by Haujobb

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[edit]Song titleAnalysis
[edit]Artist nameHaujobb
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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potential profit in every step
made gentle transformation
into the state of motion
out of emotion
mass destruction
round the axis of rotation
quiet we follow
not conscious of a soul

led by illusion
development of solutions
to compress the crowd
and light up the night

tiresome fire
analyze desires
system explored
structure conserved
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no more instincts
level-headed acting
and some greed controlled
mixed together
tamed forever
fused face by face
recline upon the own bad taste
permanent disinterest

immune from deficiencies
gently hush the protest
figures in a strange context
missing reflex
minimize all contrast
keep the survey
scream in vain
open edge...
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Lyrics to Analysis
by Haujobb

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