Lyrics to Dirt
by Heatmiser

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[edit]Song titleDirt
[edit]Artist nameHeatmiser
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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don't be taking him off your hell (?)
don't be taking him off your hell (?)
let go of the black ball (?)
you saw him leave the hell (?)
you are what you adore
you are what you adore

a china doll, you wanted it all
you're a china doll, you don't
feel nothing at all

don't be taking him off your hell (?)
or it's something you'll later have
upon your head, but you can't get over him
because you know what's in there
because you know what's in there
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a china doll who won't feel nothing at all
you're a china doll and you
don't feel nothing at all
and i feel this way

you say he's not in your arms
somethings passed on
but up to me, i'll just call the guard (?)
every one of your need
every one of your other needs

china doll, i don't feel nothing at all
china doll, i don't feel nothing at all
i feel this way all the time
and i feel this way
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Lyrics to Dirt
by Heatmiser

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