Lyrics to Eating the Cannibals
by Heaven & Hell

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[edit]Song titleEating the Cannibals
[edit]Artist nameHeaven & Hell
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm sure you've never had this meal before
We're still open, stay and have some more
it's been raised upon your body and your soul
Total control!
Plenty of seating
You know that you're eating the cannibals!

Taking till you've got no more to give
Building boxes where you used to live
The word out on the street is no delay
Do it today!
Come to the meeting
it's true that we're eating the cannibals!

Eating the cannibals!

Don't close your eyes
Find more similar lyrics on'll come while you're sleeping
You reach for the skies
Now we are calling
it's all falling down

Come on in, we love our clientele
you're here to taste the
vengeance, so you shall
it's been raised upon your
body and your bones
But now you're not alone!

Enough with the greeting
'Cause soon you'll be eating the cannibals!

Eating the cannibals!
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Lyrics to Eating the Cannibals
by Heaven & Hell

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