Lyrics to Cry it out
by Heaven's Gate

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[edit]Song titleCry it out
[edit]Artist nameHeaven's Gate
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Frontpage news again and you're thinking of your deeds
d' you have all the things that a real good man needs?

They don't like your hair, they couldn't realize
you're a dreamer too, what a big surprise

listen to your tears
live without a fear

Find more similar lyrics on don't understand and your head is turning round
they don't wear a crown and you don't have to bow down

You haven't been at home for such a long, long time
to stand one's ground for all these years, is it a crime?

Don't be a fool at all if you're waiting for a call

Oh, breaking the rules and saving the day
I believe in you going your way
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Lyrics to Cry it out
by Heaven's Gate

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