Lyrics to Forever in Ebony Drowning
by Hecate Enthroned

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[edit]Song titleForever in Ebony Drowning
[edit]Artist nameHecate Enthroned
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The bestial sunset black at dawn
As I embrace thee
The dark god and I will keep thee safe
Scream to us in terror
Fore darkness is the essence of
revenge and all mortality
I am the ending before life begins again

Ritualised as darkness falls to call the unbeleivers
Satan majesty of night shall punish its deceivers
Thou art immortal reign of terror and seductive pain

From the darkness
The moon dwelleth I
And all kaos rise
Incantation breathe
Consecration be

The seasons are as one derived
I pour my soul as nocturnal wine

Who wouldst break thy hallowing point, as
darkness neverending of mist
between, we shall be seen, and thus evil descending

The seasons are as one derived
Of kaos and eternal shrines

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Cloaked and veiled we follow demon
Thou art aged in tribulation
Silent, dark, forbidding one

Of every aeon of lore within
Bleak with the shadows and captured in sin
As one or the other is ending this way
To bring shame on the fools who have nothing to say

Deep in the shadows I learned how to curse
Fore the ending is nearer than that of the earth
The lenght of their suffering prolonged in time
As dreaming of winter becomes a new shrine

Forgotten, forlorn in ebony I drown
As king of the night and darkness I'm crowned
In chapters of kaos and magik within
Shall repent all my sorrow and indulge in sin

The seaons are as one derived
As kaos falls and eternal shrines

Who wouldst break thy hallowing
point as darkness neverending
Of mist between, we shall be seen, and
thus evil descending, thou art
immortal reign of terror and seductive pain
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Lyrics to Forever in Ebony Drowning
by Hecate Enthroned

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