Lyrics to If Trust is Broken
by Heideroosjes

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[edit]Song titleIf Trust is Broken
[edit]Artist nameHeideroosjes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm hurt, it nails me down, see this grown man cry
My world stopped turning and all I can ask is
"why?" I could forgive you confess here
and now But I can't deal with lies, why break our

If trust is broken, I don't care what's left

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shelter A mind filled with anger, a body lost in
welter It's no longer in my hands, I wanna speak
up but I'm broken Yet with this stab in my back,
the truth needs to be spoken

If trust is broken, I don't care what's left
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Lyrics to If Trust is Broken
by Heideroosjes

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