Lyrics to Jerry Rules in the Land of the Free
by Heideroosjes

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[edit]Song titleJerry Rules in the Land of the Free
[edit]Artist nameHeideroosjes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh my God what do I see?
Is this what they called 'the land of the free'
Where a he turns out to be a she
But where I can't say 'fuck' live on t.v.?

Oh my God what did I see?
It's a bunch of rednecks live on t.v.
People don't worry, Jerry has the key
Join and destroy your family

Jerry rules in the land of the free
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Oh my God, what drugs is he on?
How long does it take to find such a moron?
And while the audience shouts 'Jerry, Jerry'
They got fooled by a woman called Jim Carrey

Oh my dear, this show is a thrill
Is that Hillary who beats the shit out of Bill?
If you really show us U.S. society today
I'd best call Saddam "send bombs rightaway!"
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Lyrics to Jerry Rules in the Land of the Free
by Heideroosjes

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