Lyrics to Another Candle
by Heir Apparent

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[edit]Song titleAnother Candle
[edit]Artist nameHeir Apparent
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've seen through times of mystery
And dreamed of truth in history
I can't imagine why we'd let
our lives be stole away-
For Armageddon

To be their pawns
And fear their Gods
With no free will - NO!

Another candle burning down
See the flickering light upon the ground
There'll never be a Chosen Few
The ignorant- they never knew

And now the oceans cry

From the fire in the sky
Find more similar lyrics on there's nothing you can do
'Cause the world you've known is through
And now your people cry
At the rivers running dry
And there's nothing you can do
'Cause the world you've known is through

Desire- - the lust for total joy
The Fire- - a world it shall destroy
Fever- - you'll feel it in your mind-
It's the nature of your kind

Lost - the future from your view
The Cost - too high to start anew
Reason - the one thing you ignore-
Could open up the door

Another candle burning down...
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Lyrics to Another Candle
by Heir Apparent

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