Lyrics to Scorcher
by Hellraiser

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[edit]Song titleScorcher
[edit]Artist nameHellraiser
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Corbin, Rivera

Far beyond the darkened sky, angels all riding high
Rising from the temple walls, time
stands still when he calls
King of kings, ruler of all man
Come Claim your land
Lightning strikes your path,
you've heard of the day
A distant thunder comes to take you away
Chariots of horses fill the sky
A voice like running waters, shouts the king am I

He's the scorcher in the sky
Pain and torture burning high

Scrolls unfold, disaster takes its course
A sun of blood repells its scorching force
Smoke of black closing in stops at nothing
Tribute for seven years and the never ending sting

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Stars are falling, now your in despair
Betrayed by those he died for
his wrath you'll share
Days seem like years, he warned someday
You'd shed blood for tears


He gave his hand, you turned your back
Too late to bargain, the shadows who ran in fear

A.C. solo

Lightining struck your path, you heard of the day
A distant thunder came to take you away
Chariots of horses fill the
sky, a voice like running
Waters shouted the king am I

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Lyrics to Scorcher
by Hellraiser

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